Miley Cyrus Goes Topless For Album Cover

Mr. Conservative

Surprise, surprise—Miley is at it again showing everyone that there isn’t a decent bone left in her body.  In her latest dramatic publicity stunt, she has posted a picture on Twitter displaying her newest album cover showing—you guessed it—her topless.

Demonstrating that she has an adverse reaction to what normal people refer to as clothing, Miley seems to be hell bent on showing off the parts of her body no one is interested in.  That being said, it is leaving several people wondering exactly what her end game is—perhaps to be able to walk around fully nude with literally zero shock factor?


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It seems that may be the case as Miley has gone and showed off almost every single part of her body throughout her latest spree of magazine and photo shoots.  Depicting the couthless singer in a variety of suggestive and nude photos, there is little left for the imagination to wonder about Miley Cyrus—if that is in fact your forte.

Along with this, her international Bangerz tour has sparked worldwide outrage as parents are now demanding that the tour be shut down.  As parents continue to demand a refund—that they surely will not receive—it doesn’t seem that to be the case as Miley’s producers are saying that the tour is full steam ahead.


Miley seems to be in a constant downward spiral as her life of drugs, partying and vulgar performances has recently entered into a new low.  Now dating someone old enough to be her dad, reports have exposed that she is “hooking up” with 42-year-old Jared Leto.


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I’ll bet Liam Hemsworth is increasingly ecstatic that he got out of that relationship as it was about to hit the fan.  Seeing Miley’s pathetically transparent attempts to define herself as an actress is only being interpreted as a miserable floozy looking for attention.


But what do you think? Should Miley be shut down for good before she can contribute any further to the degradation of the youth that idolize her? Let us know in a comment below!


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