Lady Gaga Gets Completely Naked For New Album

Mr. Conservative

In full form, Lady Gaga did not fail to impress critics with the album cover for her latest single. The pop star dressed all the way down – to her birthday suit – for the edgy cover artwork with a goddess-like inspiration.

This is what people have come to expect from the 27-year old singer, who revealed two sneak peaks from her new single, Venus, late Friday night and early Saturday.

In a tweet explaining the sneak previews, Gaga said: “I wrote 4 hooks in Venus. The snippet is of the first two before the true chorus. The rise before the orgasm.”



The artwork was captured by American photographer Steven Klein, who helped Gaga with the artwork for Alejandro and Fame. The pair have not yet indicated how the images from the shoot will be used



In apparent inspiration from Boticelli’s famous painting “Birth of Venus”, Gaga is shown in a bathroom with the a seashell – which typically represented female private parts – over her mouth.


Among other images is Gaga nude, bleeding, with a scorpion on her face.

The entire preview comes ahead of her November 11 unveiling of “ARTPOP”. Gaga is currently on a promotional tour, with scheduled performances in Germany and England before the release of the album.

See more photos from Gaga’s appearance in London:







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