Four Women Harassed By Aggressive Police Officer For Open-Carrying In Missouri

Mr. Conservative

Missouri is, technically speaking, an open-carry state. However, rather unusually, different cities and counties within the state can apply their own rules to open-carry. It’s not unheard of, therefore, for police officers to question people exercising their open-carry rights. That’s exactly what happened to four Oklahoma women who open-carried their weapons in a Walmart in Marshfield, Missouri.

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The video picks up with several police officers already on the scene, including one carrying a semi-automatic. One of these police officer was deputized to speak with the four nice-looking, young women who were in the Walmart with openly displayed arms.

The officer corralled the confused women outside the store and kept on demanding that they produce information. No matter what they produced, including a U.S. Passport, he wanted more. (Indeed, the passport seemed to baffle him.) He then confiscated the IDs, preventing the women from leaving. When a male friend joined the women, the officer demanded is I.D. too. The man asks “Am I being suspected of something?” The officer’s reply is a telling one: “I don’t know.”

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The officer eventually admits that he’s engaged in a fishing expedition. He has no idea whether anything is wrong, but he’s trying to find something. Thus, when the man asks “Did I break a law or anything? Has a law been broken, sir?”, the only answer the officer can give is “I don’t know yet. That’s what I am trying to determine here.”

Since open-carry is either legal or illegal in Marshfield, Missouri, it’s strange that the police officer is so confused. If it’s illegal, he should have detained them. If it’s legal, one can only wonder at his ongoing confusion about the entire subject. Things move forward only when Police Chief Doug Fannan arrives on the scene, he tells the group about open-carry laws in his jurisdiction and then lets everyone go.

Police officers need to be educated about open-carry and concealed-carry laws in their own jurisdiction. Otherwise, you end up with silly, humiliating (for the police) time-wasters like this.


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