Illegal Immigrant Activist Tweets About Killing & Eating Whites

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Writing at Breitbart, Lee Stranahan has taken a close look at one of the louder proponents of full amnesty for those young people whose parents brought them to America illegally. It’s not a pretty sight. Prerna Lal, who is a respected voice in the “Dreamer” community (meaning those illegals who demand that the federal government fulfill their dreams by giving them every federal handout known to man, plus voting rights), is a violent, angry, racist person. Or at least, that’s the impression she gives in her tweets.

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Although Prerna Lal ultimately shut down her Twitter account (known as @AQueer Desi), someone wisely grabbed a few screen shots first. Thus, Breitbart was able to reproduce her tweet implying that, just as Fijians once killed white invaders, roasted them, and ate them, we should be worried that they might do so again:

Prerna Lal J.D. 1

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Prerna Lal was also inspired by the Zimmerman trial to say that she feels daily threatened by white men, and ponders standing her ground and shooting them:

Prerna Lal J.D. 2

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Exaggerate much, Prerna Lal?

What’s so disturbing about Prerna Lal’s tweets is that she’s not a fringe figure. Instead, she exists at the center of the increasingly aggressive demands illegal aliens are making on a country that did not invite or permit their entry. The Huffington Post allows her to blog at its site, and her self-written bio makes it clear that, amongst Progressives, she is a big deal:

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Prerna Lal is undocumented, unafraid and unapologetic. As a founder of DreamActivist, Prerna helped to create a robust network of highly-organized and diverse undocumented youth with digital engagement capacity. Since then, her model of organizing has been used by immigration organizations across the country to end deportations. Her work and commentary for immigrant rights has been featured in newspapers such as The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, and magazines such as the US News and World Report, as well as international outlets in a dozen countries.

Stranahan reports that “Dreamers” such as Prerna Lal aren’t interested in amnesty. What they want to see is the end of American sovereignty. As Prerna Lal wrote at HuffPo:

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…both Democrats and Republicans have long held immigration reform hostage to “border security.” As part of the immigration reform package, they passed the infamous “border surge amendment,” which many immigration advocates have termed as “border overkill” as it mandates $47 billion to go towards 700 miles of border fence construction, 40,000 additional border agents, drones, Blackhawk helicopters and VADER radar systems, before the 11 million can gain citizenship. These border security triggers will make the U.S.-Mexico border the most militarized zone in the world where 7 million U.S. residents will be subjected to living in a war zone.

Put another way, no border control means no sovereignty over our own lands. Prerna Lal isn’t interested in the American dream; instead, she is every American’s nightmare.


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