Ted Cruz Rips Amnesty Bill: $5000 Fee For Hiring Americans Over Legalized Aliens

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Thank God for Ted Cruz.

The Texas Senator read the new amnesty bill (all 1,200 pages of it) and then exposed it for what it is on the Senate floor this Tuesday. Cruz found a loophole in the bill that actually punishes an employer with a $5,000 fine for hiring a citizen over a legalized alien. Yes, you read that correctly…

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Cruz said:

I filed an amendment that would have corrected one of the most egregious aspects of the gang of eight bill as it intersects with Obamacare legislation, namely a penalty imposed on U.S. employers for hiring U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents. This bill says if an employer hires a citizen or a legal immigrant, the IRS can impose a $5,000 penalty on that employer. But if the employer instead hires someone with RPI status, that penalty will go away. That is utterly and completely indefensible.

Nobody in this body wants to see African-American unemployment go up. Nobody wants to see Hispanic unemployment go up, youth unemployment go up, union household unemployment go up, legal immigrant unemployment go up. Yet every one of those will happen if this Gang of Eight bill passes without fixing this problem. If that happens, all 100 members of the U.S. Senate will be accountable to our constituents for explaining why we voted to put a federal penalty on hiring U.S. citizens and hiring legal immigrants. I hope this body will choose to pass my amendment and fix this grave defect in the Gang of Eight legislation.

So who slipped this into the bill? Your guess is as good as mine. But one thing is for sure: the 1,200 page bill has not received much scrutiny from those who voted to pass it. I mean, can we really expect anyone to read and absorb 1,200 pages? It’s an absurd way that bureaucrats get away with “slipping in” such loopholes as this.

Five Democrat senators who supported the bill were asked for their take on the problem that Cruz discovered. Hilariously, most of them even knew the loophole existed, or if it had been addressed yet. Only Max “Train Wreck” Baucus (author of ObamaCare) slyly said, “We’re trying to solve that right now… I don’t know if that’s been solved.”

Ahh, bureaucratic jargon at its finest!

Americans should be outraged about this loophole, but you won’t hear about it on the mainstream media. They’re too busy talking about gay rights and abortion.

This is astonishing and unthinkable. Again: thank God for Ted Cruz.

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